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My question is regarding the 212 (e) section of the J1 exchange visitor visa.
I recently had a marriage based I-485 interview. The only issue that came up was that I was missing my original passport with my original J1 visa. I lost it years ago and I got a new passport which didn't have the visa stamp on it. The officer did not have any proof of my 212 (e) status and requested evidence of a denial or a waiver. When I originally left the U.S after my exchange student program I came back for vacation 1 yr later. My mother had a copy of my original passport with the visa stamp on it on her files. She faxed it over to me after my interview. It said: 212 (E) does not apply. This should be enough evidence to resubmit, correct?The officer suggested I contact the State Dept about getting the 212 evidence. My question is: if this is not enough evidence, how do I go about contacting the State Dept and getting a copy of my original j1 visa stating that 212 (e) does not apply?
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How do you prove that that copy of a visa stamp belonged to that copy of the passport? If you know who the program sponsor was for the J-1, contact thema nd get a copy of the IAP-66 document which states whether you are subject to it.



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