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Immigration Issues/485 after 130 granted


I am a naturalized US citizen.  I married someone 12/06 who was initially
here on a student visa and was on OPT until Feb 2007.  I filed the I-130 on
Jan and I received notice it was approved two weeks ago.  On the approval
notice it said that she was not eligible to file a 485 and that her file was sent
to NVC.  I called NVC and they didn't have the file yet but they said I could
still file a 485.

Can I still file a 485 at this time for an adjustment of status?  She is currently
still in the US.  

Yes - you should have filed the I-130 and I-485 together instead of filing the I-130 first. Give them all the forms for the I-485 package and supporting docunments and give them a copy of the I-130 approval. File before mid June when the fees go up.



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