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Immigration Issues/I-485 Can be cancelled?


Hi Robert,
My wife(petitioner) and I recently got into a fight. She got me a bloodied nose for not doing the laundry right. After that packed and left the house. Incident was never reported to police, just got a medical report and that's it. As far as the application status is, we already had our interview. Waiting for 9 months for results as we speak due to name check. My question is can she cancel my I-485 (AOS) or what are the repercussions or scenario assuming she cancels it.
Thank you.

She can write a letter to Immigration stating that you are no longr living together and ask for the revocation of the I-130 she filed for you. If the I-130 is revoked/denied the I-485 will be denied. If the I-485 is denied the case will eitehr be sent to the Natioanl records for storage or to the Immigration Judge for removal proceedings.



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