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sorry for possible cross posting. I did not get email confirmation that my question was posted , so I have to ask this again.

HOW can I use the health form and I130 for previous 485 after it was denied? we want to refile 485 , and want to use the health form which was done within a year and we also want to use 130 which has been approved. is it okay and how we should obtain these forms again. thanks

Any appeal on the I-485 denial should have been made within 30 days.  If you fail to do so, you must refile the I-485 with the requested documents.  You can reference your approved relative petition...there will be a receipt number on it, with your I-485.  You can request the return of your medical documents but in all likelyhood, you will need to refile a new form for this as well.  Your local CIS office can provide you with the forms.  

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