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Immigration Issues/my 485 interview, please comment !!


Me and my husband went for interview yesterday in Chicago.
the whole thing is very shocking in the sense that it was so simple and fast.
we did not do a good job preparing . I did not have my birth certificate when the officer asked for it.   I said something like" we were so disorganized obvioiusly, I don;t know where we have it " I can't believe I said such a thing!

WE did not spend much time preparing , because we thought we were losing the case, I left the country without Ad P and came back on F1 visa in Aug. She asked when the last entry was, and she was surprised at the F1 in Aug. and she said "execuse me "and left the office,( she must have gone somewhere asking someone and then she came back),  she asked whether I Am still a student , I said I was. She did not ask for any proof that I am a student. ( I forgot to give her my I20 and stuff)

But we did have lease, bank account, and some pictures with him and my parents in , she collected those and put them together and kept them. she started putting our lease stuff together , and said she is going to make a decision by the end of week, and mail us the result.
my husband said" Any hint?" she said "as long as the marriage looks good to me" and she joked something " blah blah bad" , me and my husband both did not hear waht she said, we " pardon"ed , she did not say it again, she simply " well, you did not get it , did you?"

at last ,she walked us out of the office, and asked my husband how he liked his  trip to visit my parents, I don;t remember what my husband said exactly, they both laughed on a friendly term.

oh, by the way, she did ask when we got married, I said NOv. * th last year.

Also she started asking ME questions, So I did all the talking, My husband just sat there , did not say much till the end,

anyway, that;s the whole, thing. DO you think I will get it this time?


You have 2 issues - one is whether they believed your marriage, which I can noit tell you since I was not there. The other issue is that you abandoned your application when you left without parole. So if they figure this out they are going to deny your case and make you file again. However, sometimes the officers andeven the supervisors do not catch things like this. If they do not catch you will get approved if they beleive your marriage.

If you do not get approved, I am available to be your lawyer for the new case.



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