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Hi, I'm brazilian and I've been married to an american citizen for one year and a half. Around 5 months ago she decided to move to Denver. I had to stay here in Miami due to work responsibilities. Our interview is in "8 days" and I plan on moving to Denver as well, just after the interview.
My wife is flying back to Miami for the interview.
Our questions are: should we say the truth about her living in another state? Or should we just say we're still living together (considering that she still has her Florida ID with our same address on it)?
We dont want them to think ours is not a real marriage just because she's been living in Colorado and I'm living in Miami.
Please....We REALLY need some advice...and fast!
Many, many thanks in advance

Act as if you have been living together in Miami and that you are both moving to Denver after the interview. Show job letter from Denver for wife but have it say that she will be starting to work after the move. Show her most recent tax and all joint docs from marraige.

Good luck.



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