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Immigration Issues/i 485 - must i maintain status?


let me summarize my situation. my father filed a I-130 for me in 1999. ( unmarried child of LPR over 21). it got approved in 2004. I was waiting for a visa number. My father became a citizen so my case become current.

I have been in US with a F1 visa for 3 years so I filed a I485 and travel and work permit applications. I received fingerprint paper last week.

Now my question is I got accepted to a doctorate program and got a new I-20 but actually I'm thinking about defering my school for a year. If I do this my F1 visa status will not be valid anymore. Can I do this or do I have to maintain my F1 visa?

Also during this waiting process for AOS what do I show to people to prove that I have a right to stay in US?

Thank you

Now that your I-485 is pending, you do not need to maintain your F-1 status. You show anyone asking your receipts for the I-485 and the work and travel permits when you get them. This is your proof until your case is approved and you get a stamp in your passport or the green card in the mail.



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