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Hi Mr Hollander,

I read your reviews and you are always professional and respected.

I am a US citizen and married a girl with an F-1 status who has been in USA since 1999.  Her F-1 does not expire until 2013.

I am currently filling out the I-485 packet will be sending back all documentation next week and have a some questions for you.


1)  I am currently filling out the I-130 petition question # 14.   

   - Is the I-94 Arrival/Departure Record # and the Date Arrived relate to the most recent I-94 number and arrival date?

2) All forms that I looked at so far has this "All Other Names Used", is this where I put her new last name since at time of marriage she decided to have her maiden name hyphenated by my last?

3)  I-131 Travel document, is it possible to be issued an I-131 in 1-2 months and do we need to have an actual date of departure set because we do not want to invest in tickets and not have the I-131 issued and have to forfeit the trip.

  A) Also in Part A what does "Class of Admission" mean?

  B) Do we need to fill out a separate I-131 everytime we want to travel abroad?

I know that was a lot of questions but any help is greatly appreciated.


1. Yes - the last entry I-94 number;
2. If she put her complete name in C.1 then there are no other names. If she used her married name she should put her maiden name under other names;
3. You do not need an exact date of departure - you can put asap on the application. I-131s usually take 2-3 months but there is no guarantee - it may be quicker ort slower than that. If it is more than 90 days from receipt you can make an infopass appointment and go to local office to try and get it issued in 1 day; classof admission is F-1; the I-131 is good for multiple trips for 1 year - if you have not gotten approved, you can apply for anotehr year.



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