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I am a French citizen working as a manager in the US, sponsored by my company under a E-2 Visa issued in Dec 2005 in Paris. My wife is a US citizen, we got married in August 2005 in France. We filed I-130 -petition for alien relative- and G-325 for me to obtain permanent residency in the US. When receiving the case receipt, INS mentions that it will take "between 990 and 999 days to process". This very long leadtime came as a surprise. My question is: do I have to file an I-485 in addition, to speed up the transfer from my E-2 visa to a permanent working permit? If yes, being a French citizen under an E-2, do I have to file an I-508 in addition? Any other form I have to file to complete this green card application?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Instead of filing the I-130 at the Service Center, you should have filed the I-130/I-485 packet at the District Office. There is a lot of forms and supporting documents  that need to be filed. For a free consultation call my office at 516 487 0500.



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