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I have filed i-751 jointly with my wife about a month ago, but after we filed the situation has changed (we had some family problems) and she moved out. She wants a divorce but no one has filed the divorce yet.I have tried to talk to her many times but she will ignore me rudely. Now she would tell me that she will call INS and report a fraud that I have forced her to sign the form. But its not like that, she happlily signed the form. I have already received 1 Year Extension letter and Bio Appoitment which is next week.
So my question here is

1) What happens if she calls INS and report a fraud? I have all the proofs to show that its not true but how that would affect on my petition? WIll they call us for the interview?

2)What happens if she will not come for the interview with me? Can I still explain the officer the situation?(as I said I have all kinds of proof that can show bona-fide marriage) and he will give me sometime to refile or he will just deny the application?

3)What should I do if the application is denied?

Your case can not be approved as it is now without your wife. You have 2 choices. Convince her to continue the process and go to the iunterview with you or divorce her and refile the I-751 under the divorced category. You can then be interviewed without her and if you show evidence of the marriage while it lasted, it should be ok.



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