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I am a US Citizen.  My Russian wife and I filed a I-751 early 2006 jointly and less than 1 week later she moved out.  I sent a letter to Vermont withdrawing my support.  The withdrawal was accepted and any further action on the I-751 was terminated.  The I-751 was denied.  This was in January 2007, however they terminated action effective July 2006, the date of the letter.

Is it possible to find out what her immigration status is? Is it possible that she is still legal?
Is it possible to have removal proceedings started against her?  If so, how would I do this? I called Icourtstat 800# and her A number is not in the system yet.
Do I have any more financial responsibility to her?  Even if we get divorced?
What is the possibility of getting her deported?
Thank you

She is in the US under a petition you filed on her behalf.  You withdrew it.  She had thirty days from the date of official termination to depart the country.  In essence, she has no legal grounds to be in the US.  Therefore, if you have information on her whereabouts you can report this information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Office of Investigations.

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