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Immigration Issues/I-751 filed and now facing deportation


I married an American girl in 2000 when I was 20 years old and applied for citizenship immediately, and in 2004 I filed an I-751 to remove the conditions on my permanent residence. The last letter I received said that the agency would contact me, perhaps for a final interview, and that it would be at least a year, so I waited.

A few days ago I recieved a letter from the Department of Homeland Security saying "As you know, following a hearing in your case you were found deportable and the hearing officer has entered an order of deportation. A review of your file indicates there is no administrative relief which may be extended to you, and it is now incumbent upon this agency to enforce your departure from the United States." Obviously, this came as a bit of a shocker. The only phone number on the letter is provided for me to discuss my baggage arangements with an officer, incase I have more than 40 pounds and need to change this before February 13th when I have to report to them.

Is there anything that I can do at all? Please though, don't suggest a lawyer as that's already occurred to me and I don't even have the $250 to get an initial consultation.

Call 1-8008987180 and put in your "A" number listed on the letter and find out where, when and by which Judge you were ordered deported. Did you move? If so, did you notify Immigration of your address change.

You will have to do a Motion to Reopen your removal case and if they reopen it, you will have to prove the bona fides of your marriage.



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