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Hey robert,thnkas for answering my previous question,it was a great help.Unfortunatly,I have had a big set back with my I-765 form as it was denied.I applied under the (a)(6) which states
An alien admitted to the united states as a nonimmigrant fiance or fiancee pursuant to section 101(a)(15)(k) of the immigration and nationality act,as revised,or to an alien admitted as a child of such alien,for the period of admission to the united states.
Now,I am married and got married within the 90days I was suppose to and when we filed we sent all they asked for plus payment.So it makes just no sense to us.I am going to see an immigration officer wednesday and I will be bringing this matter to his attention.What could you suggest I do to aid in my effort to get my employment authorization accepted as its now getting pretty bad finacially that I cant work....Again,Kind Regards,Alan

When you go in to the officer, ask for a referral to the Deferred Inspections Unit and ask them to annotate the I-94 that you can work. They usually give a notation on the back of the I-94 at the airport stating that K-1s can work.

Theonly other option is to apply for a bnew I-765 under category C9.



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