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Although I will have a co-sponsor who is above the minimum income level, I have concerns of how I should fill out the I-864 Affidavit of Support.  In May, I returned to the US from Southeast Asia where I was a teacher.  Currently I do not have a job in the USA, but I will start graduate school in the USA in the Fall of 2007 where I will receive a stipend from the school that is above the 125 poverty level for two people.  

Could I write down the graduate school and stipend amount in Part 6 of the form as my employer and current individual annual income, respectively?  Could I attach documentation (the offer letter) from the school as evidence of expected income?  Or should I check (d) and state that I am unemployed?

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Put that you are unemplyed. Supplenment it with an affidavit that you are not currently working and can not provide a current job letter, but can provide proof of a job offer. Then also provide the I-864 for the co-sponsor with their documents.



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