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Dear David:
My family of 4 persons are going to have a visa appointment very soon. The instructions attached to the interview appointment say that each of us must have an I-864. Please advise if each must have an original I-864 or we need only one original I-864 and three photocopies.
Thanks a million.

Separate affidavits of support are required for intending immigrants for whom different Form I-130 family-basedpetitions were filed. For instance, if you are sponsoring both parents, each will need an original affidavit of support andaccompanying documentation since you were required tosubmit separate Form I-130 visa petitions for each parent.Do I Need to Submit a SeparateAffidavit for Each Family Member?
Form I-864 Instructions (Rev. 11/01/06)N Page 4Often a spouse or minor children obtain visas or adjust statusas dependents of a relative, based on the same visa petition. If you are sponsoring such dependents, you only need to providea photocopy of the original Form I-864, as long as thesedependents are immigrating at the same time as the principalimmigrant or within six months of the time he or sheimmigrates to the United States. You do not need to providecopies of the supporting documents for each of thephotocopied Forms I-864.

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