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Dear Robert,

I am from the UK and my sister is a permanent resident in the
US, she has a green card. I have spent the past 90 days in the US
visiting her and am now back in the UK. I am taking time off
work at the moment and want to go back and visit her
immediately. Having spent a week here will I get questioned/
denied entry trying to go back so soon?

Also, can I apply for the 6 months visitor visa when I get back to
the UK after having spent so much time in the USA recently? My
parents own property & we all visit the USA frequently but have
never overstayed the 90 days. I also have savings & proof of a
home in UK. Will this enable me to get a 6 month visa in addtion
to spending so much time there this year?

thanks for your help

You can try and ue visa waiver again now, but there is no guarantee you will not be questioned or denied entry. If you are denied, you will never be allowed to use visa waiver again, but there is nothing that prevents you from applying for a tourist visa. There is no guarantee a tourist visa will be issued but your past history of lewaving ontime is a positive factor.



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