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an i-102 FORM WAS SUBMITTED IN ORDER TO OBTAIN I-94 which was lost,it has passed 2 month and still did not receive any receipt noticed..How long does it take? what else can i do? I married an American citizen and are awaiting I-94 in order to proceed for an adjustment of status..Can I submit forms for family petition and attach a copy of I-102 which was sent to CIS?

Check with bank or Money Order service to see if cashed. If so, send a letter to the Service Center where you filed it with a copyof the cashed check and ask them to send a receipt and process the case.

If you file the I-102 witht he I-485 packet, you take the risk that if they do not have the entry in the database, they will deny the I-102 and the I-485 and take all the fees.

If you have a stamp in your passport for your entry you do not need the I-94 or I-102.



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