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Dear Sir, I have some doubt please  help me if you can.....

1.>Is there any way one could find out if the 140 is still alive or has been revoked by the employer before taking the AC-21 plunge ?
2.> if the 140 has been revoked can it be re-used for the same person if he somehow manages to persuade the employer
3.> does the web-site get updated with LUD/ msg change once the 140 has been revoked or when a request is recvd....
4.> Finally after sending the ac-21 letter does the website msg change?  

Well, not sure what you are asking...Apparently someone filed an Immigrant Petition for an Alien Worker on your behalf (I-140).  The question arises, why are we having this discussion?  Either you are working for the employer or you are here illegally.
How about being more specific as to  your circumstances and what you are referring to such as AC-21 plunge, LUD, etc.

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