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I'm sorry Mr Hollander,
i forgot to write how long ago was the interview it was just one day ago.
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Mr Hollander,
are few not matched answers at the separate interview for AOS could harm my approval even thou interviewing officer said at the end "so far so good" but didn't make the decision of approval?
thank you so much for your help
Did he say why he couldnt make decision? Did he tell you if your security checks were complete? How long ago was interview?

You can have several inconsistencies of minor things and still get approved. But you can also have 1 or 2 inconsistencies of major things and be denied.



Without being there it is impossible for me to guess what he intends to do. I recommend making an infopass appointment every 30 days and go in and check the status until you get a decision. When you go in for infopass, they may be able to tell you what the case is pending for.



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