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my situation is i came here in united states in august of 1999 with F1 visa and attended my school for 2 full semester.and in  May of the following year because of the family emergency went back to my country for a month my international student advisor gave me permition to leave for 2 months and come back for summer semester. and i came back around middle of june after a month but i didnt go back to my school instead i went to visit my friend in wisconsin but i wrote an email to my academic advisor asking if he can help me to get another break from summer classes he replied and said that i can come back for fall semester during these two months i met a guy and stayed with him and i didnt go back to school which i really regret until now. and my F1 visa become out of status. In november of 2001 i met a guy and we lived togever for almost 5 years we got married last march and he filed all my forms to petition me he is US citizen. we had our initial interveiw on september 12 and the officer he didnt ask anything about our relationship but he was asking me questions like why i didnt go back to school after coming back from my country and if i was working during that time. I tolld him the truth that i was working on and off and i filed my income taxes. At the end of the interveiw officer said that he is going to contact my school to find out if i really attended there and he was going to call my landlord to ask if my husband and i have been living together in the address provided. He said if there is nothing wrong he wont call us for second interveiw but after 2 days we received a letter says we have to appear me and my petitioner for second interveiw. My question is  my working illigally is going to affect my AOS ? other than that i did nothing wrong and our marriage is real we've been together since november of 2001 Please advice me do i really have to worry if they going to deport me and how should i prepare for the second interveiw . Any advice will be helpful thank you ahead thanks so much for your answer  

Many people get second interviews when the officer does not believe your marraige or if he leaves and the person taking over the file does not see enough evidence. Many people pass the seond interview, so do not be nervous. They are going to place you in separate rooms and ask you questions and then compare your answers. They will ask you everything about each other, your relationship, your daily activities, the layout of your residence etc. You will also be asked to bring all the evidence of your marriage, such as joint accounts, bills, taxes, photos etc.

The fact that you worked will not harm you since you are married to an American.



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