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HI David,
I came here in USA as a student with F1 visa and i went to my university about 8 months and complited 2 semesters. Because of my family emergency i went back to my country & stayed there about a month and came back to the states but i had 2 months before my school starts so i went to visit my friend who lived in another state after visiting him i never went back to my university and my visa became out of status since then i lived here about 6 years. now i married a us citizen and we had our initial interveiw about 2 days ago. officer didnt ask anything about our marriage but he was keep asking why i didnt go back to school after coming back from my country i tolld him that i didnt have any money to pay for the plane because my  school was in hawaii and plane ticket cost very expensive. next question was if i was working during this 6 years of period while being out of status i said yes i was working practically that was only 2 quiestions he asked me during the interveiw and he said he cannot give the approval this time but he is going to check with my school if i really attended it which i really complited 2 whole semesters and my GPA wasnt bad today i received a letter from INS i think from the same officer who interveiwed me saying that me and my husband petitioner have to show up for the continual interveiw for 130 on november which is after one month. Before concluding my interveiw the officer tolld me that after he checks with my school and with my landlord if there is nothing wrong he wont call us for a second interveiw but we got a letter about the interveiw do i need to worry if they going to deny my AOS please advise  thank you so much  

unfortunately, you place yourself in a precarious position by ignoring the terms of your admission, basically flaunting the the US Immigration laws.
Your adjustment of status could be denied as you don't appear, by your previous actions, of moral character.  However, that is up to the adjudication officer who is handling your case.

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