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Follow up :  Thats nice,  still remaining question: How do I get admitted if they failed to prosecute, do i stay without papes forever  untill they feel like prosecuting an NTA  that was improperly issued?
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Follow up :  waiver was required bcs of 2 (possible CIMT) convictions that took place in 1988  prior to adjustment of status and were disclosed to INS at that time and on the N  400.Questions reamains : How do I get admitted if DHS failed to prosecute 45 days ago?
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I was approved for Natz few months ago but while  i was coming back from canada to take the oath, I was put into removal proceeding ( POE officer, stating they couldnt find a waiver in my file) nevertheless the judge closed the case 45 days ago for failure to prosecute (  no charging document was received by court), later I received a new oath invitation, showed up at the ceremony only to be served with a motion to reopen stating my file need to be reviewed, later received an N 14  asking for a copy of the NTA  and a proof  that I was admited to USA  an LPR  and not paroled affter the hearing (only pblm is that  , there was never a hearing)  what I would  like to get your opinion on  is:
1-should a copy of the NTA  be given to CIS ( shouldnt they have it).
2-  How do I get admitted  if there was no Hearing ( Deferred inspection ofc. said they only deal with ppl who were deferred to them and issued  I -546 at the POE?
Quite frankly, there seems to some missing information. I am curious as to why a waiver was required if you were fulfilling the obligations to be eligible for citizenship.  I suspect that you remained outside of the US beyond that allowed which resulted in the abandonement of your permanent resident status.  However, not having all the information makes it difficult to surmise.  As far as the NTA, that will be in your 'A' file, along with all your other immigrant information.
THere is no prosecution per se.  It is administrative and there is no time limit.  If you committed two CIMTs, remained outside the US beyond authorized limits, the waiver, if you were issue one, is nul and void.  Committing CIMTs is serious and the slightest deviation from requirements will negate any chance of Naturalizing.

Unless I saw your file to get the information accurately I cannot be of much help.  Again, you are possibly inadmissible based on the CIMTs.  There is more involved than is being disclosed by you, such as length of time outside the US, what CIMTs you were convicted of, who petitioned for you, whether or not you meet the residency criteria...the list goes on.

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