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I have aaplied for adjustment of Status I485 in May 2006 and my cae is still pending. However I have to travel abroad for about six months my Advance parole document expires in March 2008 which means Ive got about 11 months left for expiration. How long can I stay out for. Also does it mean my case will be abandoned till I return or is it possible for a decision to be made whilst Im away. Please help I'm a bit confused. Also my case is now at the national benefits centre what does this mean?
ANSWER: Technically, you can stay out until the day befoe it expires. You can also make multiple shorter trips within that time. Who sponsored you for your green card? If it is your spouse, you will be scheduled for interview. If you leave be sure to have someone who can check your mail.

The benefits center should have sent you receipts and a fingerprint appointment. The next step after that is either approval through the mail or interview. All spouse cases get interviews.



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QUESTION: Yes Robert my Spouse sponsored me and I had my interview on Sept 18th 06. Everything was fine and the officer said they were just waiting  for an FBI clearance on my husband. Whilst waiting for this to clear, my husband just remembered he had left out some divorce papers. He presented this a couple of weeks ago. Should this delay our application? And if all goes well will they send the green card through the post even if I'm not here?

If they had not asked ofr the divorce paperwork, then the case will not be delayed by it. Sometimes those security clearances take a long time. If someone will be getting your mail you should be ok - it is when people move that things get delayed because Immigration will not forward and if the card comes back as undeliverable they will destroy the card and wait for oyu to contact them.



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