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I live in Detroit and work for a company that has sponsored me for a green card. I am at the I 485 adjustment of status stage. I just got my advance parole approved. I am planing to spend my week ends in Windsor Canada because I  also have a canadian permanent resident card that I would like to keep.
I am told that I would have to give the US immigration one copy of the advance parole when I leave the country the first time then keep the other copy.
Now my question is what happen then when I reenter the country every Sunday. Would They just keep stamping my copy that stays in my possession?

Thanks for your answer!  

Sounds like you want the best of all worlds. The question comes to mind, just what are your intentions?  You are opening yourself to be thoroughly want permanent residency in Canada and you want permanent residency in the US.  What country are you a citizen of?  It does have a bearing on your parole.

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