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Thanks for the prompt response. (Reason why I choose to direct my questions to you)

Here are some more facts.
1. My EAD(2nd one) lapses in Feb'2005,
2. MY H1B visa expires in Sept'2004 (btw, I am with the same company) I do not have Multiple entry visa on my passport.
3. my Travel Document expires in Jul'2004.

1. Do I need to apply for my H1B extension? Why do i have to do that? I thought once I have a EAD, H1B loses significance?

2. If I apply for an extension, then I need not reapply for the Parole. Correct? How about the Multiple Visa thing then.

Thanks so much. Appreciate your help.

Followup To
Question -

I had come in Jun'1999 on a H1B visa. I had applied for my I-485 (Adjustment) in oct'2002. Alongwith the same I had also applied for a Emplymenet Authorization (I 765) as well as Travel Parole (I- 131).

I have already reapplied for my EAD and got the extension. The travel parole expires in July'2004.

Do I need to reapply for the same , as I would like to make a trip back home to India in dec'2004?

Please let me know the details.


Answer -
You did not need an advance parole as long as your H-1 petition time has not expired and you are working for the same employer. If it has expired, you need a to apply for an extension to inusre you will be able to leave in Dec, if your I-485 is not approved by then.


I was just pointing out to you that you did not need the parole you have now since your H-1 status is good until September. You do not need to extend your H-1 now that your I-485 is pending. You will need to apply for a parole since you will want to travel after September and your H runs out then. You will need to apply for 3rd EAD if your case is not approved by the end of the year.


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