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On January 28th of 2005 my husband and I went for our Green card interview, and I was aproved, but my FBI-CIA background check was not completed yet the immigration officer said that when that was done I would get my green card in about three weeks. well it is now april and I still havent got it. My grandmother has gotten very sick since then , she has diabetis, and I need to go to Mexico so she can meet my 15th monyh old daughter my father, sister and all my extended family doesnt know her either so I would like to have her christening or baptize there too where all my family is. what do I need to do? I already saw the for and I dont know what "class of admission" means, can I apply for more then one trip in case something happens with my grandmother? do I need to write a letter stating why I need to travel? if I e-file do I have to send the supporting documents by regular mail anyways? is e-filing quicker than regular filing? what are those supporting documents?

I know that is a lot of questions and I am very greatful for all your help .

God bless
  the west family.

You are correct that you need to apply fof Advance Parole. Advance Parole is NOT a guarantee of readmittance though and overstays, illegal acts or other problems that could bar admission will continue to be a bar even if USCIS issues Advance Parole.  Be VERY sure you know what you are doing before you leave since if you have more than 365 days of unauthorized presence in the US, it may not be a problem for adjustment of status but it would prevent you from being readmitted to the US for 10 years once you leave.  Even if you have advance parole.

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