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Hi and thanks for what you do, it really helps.

My wife is a student, my primary sponser and a US citizen
My Best friend is my joint sponsor.

My wife earned less then $2000 for the whole year(student), after
contacting IRS she was told that she was not required to file. USCIS require
her to write a statement to that effect.

Question 1: Does she need to add the w2's to the statement or will the
signed statement be enough. We can't find the 2nd w2 for the other
place she worked at.

Question2: The joint sponsor is only responsible for himself(single)
and me right?...not me and my wife?

Thanks alot and sorry for the long post.  

She does not need to put the W-2s with it. Sh ejust needs to write an affidavit as to why she did not file taxes in the last 3 years (was not required to based on income) and why she can not submit a current job letter (unemployed. The co-sponsor is responsible for you and him and must show adjusted gross income of about $18000 or more.



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