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Immigration Issues/Alien working but not being sponsered by employer


I know a man working  for less wages due to being illegal.  Wants to be legal but the rules are so difficult.  He would like to find an employer that would sponsor him, (he would pay all fees) but how does one go about that without jepardizing their status, or getting refused employment because of lack of papers?

I'm sure that there have been aliens that have beeen lucky to be sponsored and then can go ahead with citizenship.
Thanks for any help/suggestions.  

His best luck is to go back home.  If he has been in the US for more than 1 year out of status or illegal, then even if a visa became available to him, he would have to leave the US for 10 years and only then apply for the visa.  US immigration laws do not reward people who refuse to obey them.  No matter how nice and hard working they may be.

the only exception to this rule is when an alien marries a US citizen. This just about waives any prior violations.

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