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Immigration Issues/Will I or my American spouse be able to sponsor my daughter


I overstayed my visa and have been living here over ten years.I'm engaged to be married later this Summer and am concerned about my 17 y o daughter who is attending college here and will be 18 in two months.
She also came here on a visitor's visa and stayed beyond the given time.My question is, do I need to bring my marriage date forward so my husband who is an American citizen can also file for before her 18th birtday in two months?What are the implications if her birthday passes and my husband files for her afterwards?
Anxiously awaiting your response,

If you do not marry him before she turns 18, he can not sponsor her and she will have to wait until you are a resident and then you will have to file for her, causing a delay to her of 4-10 years. If you do marry before she is 18 - she will get a card with you through him. You can marru civilly now and then ahve a religious wedding later.



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