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I am a citizen of turkey who was born and raised in germany and holds
permanent residency in germany.Are my chances of getting an F1 better
if I apply from germany or while I am here in the US?( I am currently
on a visitor visa).I am afraid that if I applied from the US, that
because of my turkish pass my chances would decrease.I simply do not
want to seem to be trying to desperately stay in the US, I have found
a great college with a great program and want to study here.
I already had obtained an F1 before from another college, but because
of several reasons my I-20 expired and I had to return to germany.Now
I am wondering if I would be able to get another, new F1 visa from
this new college, since I was able to get an new tourist visa and
enter the US.
I am thankful for any advise that you could give me.

Thank you

If you are in currently in status (your term of admission as a visitor did not expire) you may go to your local CIS office and file an I-485 form to change your status from visitor to student.  be prepared to demonstrate that you have the means (funds) to pay for your tuition, and ability to care for yourself while attending school.  You MAY NOT work in the US. Also, you would need evidence from the school that you will be accepted.

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