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She is in the U.S. now with a visitor's visa, her country of residency is the People's Republic of China. Her fiance is a U.S. Green Card holder and live and work in the U.S. His nationality is also the People's Republic of China.



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Dear Sir,

I have a friend who is applying for her Asylum status while she is in the U.S. now. Could you please tell me for the following questions:

(1) For Asylum-based Permenant Residency application, it normally takes how long for her to get the Green Card? What's the procedure?

(2) While her case is being processed, could she converts to F-1 so as to goto college, or she can keep the asylum status and goto school also? Which way is better?

(3) Her fiance is a Green Card holder. if she marries with him, how could she keep or better adjust her status to?

Thanks you very much for your help!

Bill Yuan
Answer -
What is her country of residency and that of her fiance?

If your friend fears persecution she can apply for Asylum.  The process takes time and obtaining a "green card" will take several years, IF she qualifies.  While her Asylum claim is being processed, she will be allowed to work and attend school.  Obtaining a non-immigrant F-1 visa cannot be's one or the other.  As far as marrying her fiance, he can petition for her.  

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