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QUESTION: I'm a LPR through marriage to a usc. My youngest sister recently obtained a student visa earlier this year, she's been going to school in New York, while there she had a medical examination and tested positive for HIV. She extremely scared and doesn't know what to do my Aunt who has housing her wants her out, she can't afford to live on her own and going to our home country (Trinidad and Tobago)is not a viable option she'll be treated as a outcast with very little medical care.I am hoping she can remain in the Us Is this possible?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, unless she has the means and support to attend school, she will be required to return to her home country.  As permanent resident why can't you help her?

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QUESTION: How can I help her is my original question, I want her to come live with me in Georgia but I'm worried about her immigration status can I some how file for her or is asylum the way to go?  

If you read your original question you did not ask how you can help her.
If she is a current student, you can take her into your home and support while she attends school.  She can apply to a new school and obtain an I-20 for that.  After which she can apply for a change in school.
As far as her medical situation, that is incumbent upon those that are supporting her.  The United States is not responsible for providing medical care.
You ask about asylum...based on what? Having HIV is not a qualifying condition for asylum. She obviously can travel freely from her country to attend school her.

Get an have a problem with understanding the facts.

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