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HI, Do you know how long is the process for B-1 Visa? and Will I have have trouble coming back. In order words, is it like F-1 visa that I can come in and out the country whenever I feel like to or is there a restriction?


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HI, my OPT expires on 6/05/06 and my company decdieded to apply B-1 visa for me in order to fill the gap before filing my working visa(my working visa will be file next year) I am still under the process of applying B-1 visa. I am just wondering if I can travel once I get my B-1 visa or I need to go back my home country in order to have visa transfered.

Answer -
1st trip out of the country after approval, you have to go to Embassy in your country and get visa stamp prior to returning. If you do not leave the country you can stay here on I-94 that will be given to you as part of change of status from F-1 to B-1 and eventually from B-1 to H-1.



If you are appying abroad - you can call the Embassy and get an appointment to make the application. If you are filing change of status application here, the adjudication could take a few months. The more frequnet your entries on B-1 and the less time you spend abroad, the more suspicion you will cause.



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