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Immigration Issues/from B1/B2 to F1, denied, motion to reopen, now married to USC with upcoming interview


Hello Attorney,

My experiece pretty much is in the subject line. I married mu husband while waiting for my appeal for change of status and now, we will be having our interview and i haven't heard from USCIS about my appeal. Would there be an impact on our interview even though we have a bona fide marriage? And what would be a good rebuttal if ever they ask about my motion to reopen? I appreciate your legal advice. Thank you in advance.

Change of status application/denial/appeal are irrelavant when married to a USC. Since you came in legally and married a citizen the only issue to prove will be the bona fides. Even if you never applied for a change of status and overstayed and worked illegally, your time. the marriage to a USC gets you forgiveness.



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