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Dear Robert,
My question is about my B1/B2 visa for 10 years, I was given that visa last month and I just came to the USA allowed up to 3 months to stay. After I have done all the things about my bussines visit, I would like to go to school here as I already found one.
I am able to provide I-20 documents but I am not sure if I can change my status to F-1(STUDENT)here in the USA during the period? if I can, could you tell me how long would it take to be approved? and would the F-1 visa as longer as my main visa?
thank you ver much...

You can apply here as long as it is filed before the 3 months is up. You can not go to school until it is approved which will take several months. On your first trip out of the U.S. you will have to go home and get a F-1 vis ain your passport and they will cancel the B visa. You are allowed to stay in F-1 status until your I-20 runs out.



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