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hello robert,

I have a question.

I got a sponsor to sponsor my H1B working visa. I have consulted with a lawyer last year when I was in the US. I am asking if I can still make it to the cap for FY 2006 since right now it is May 15, 2006 already. Also, I am going in to the US on a B1/B2 visa. Should I leave right away or I can wait till August to leave for the US, as accdg to my lawyer, I have to be in the US 45 days before my visa is converted(the start date for me to work is Oct 1, 2006). I am worried that Department of Homeland security can cancell my visa, upon entry, once that they know that I have a pending H1B application(which would be filed by my lawyer-which I wont be disclosing to them).

Any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks.  

You should file for the H-1B now and then you can come here on the H-1 in late August or Septemeber to set up your living arrangements. You can then start working October 1.

If your true intentions are H-1 I can not ethically advise you how to get here on a B1/B2 sooner and to hide your intentions from the government.



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