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I have a friend who is a student in France. He is from China. In June 15, 2006, he came to USA with B2 visa on which dates are stamped from June 8, 2006 until June 7, 2007. At the airport, however, the border agent marked June 15, 2006 until December 14, 2006. Does it mean that he has to leave the US on December 14, 2006?

However, there is another problem. His girlfriend who is a US citizen is pregnant from him. Her parents tell him that he cannot get married to her now since they cannot afford to pay insurance to her and her baby since she is still a student without any income. Is this true?

He wonders whether there is a way in which he can get married to her without paying insurance for his baby and whether he can stay in the US if he gets married to her.

If he leaves the US on December 14, 2006, will he be able to obtain another visa to return to the USA in February 2007 when she gives birth to her baby.

Please give him your advice on what he should do if he wants to stay next to his girlfriend when she delivers the baby. Thank you for your help.  

He is supposed to leave by December 14. If his visa says it is a multiple entry, he can use the same visa to return In February. If it says single entry then he has to get a new visa in order to come back.

He can get married and have his wife apply for his green card. I am not up on insurance law, just immigration law, so I do not know if the parents are giving the right advice.



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