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My wife is from Ukraine.  She has been here for 5 years.  We would like her mother to come for a visit but she has been denied once already.  She is over 60 years old.  She owns her flat in Simferopol and has a job that pays very little.  My wife is her only child and her mother has only one sister in Simferopol.  We were never told why she was denied.  Going to Kiev and being denied is very stressful and expensive since the embassy keeps the $100 no matter what the outcome.

So, the question is ... how do we go about getting her a visa?  She just wants to visit her daughter to see how she lives and to see a little of America.  She has absolutely no desire to stay here ... her heart is in Crimea.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

R. Fleming

The surest way is for your wife to apply for U.S. Citizenship and then petition her mother for a green card. As long as she comes back to the U.S. once a year after she gets her green card, her mother can spend most of her time abroad.



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