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My brother in law, sister in law and her son got arrested (crossing the border illegally) this morning at Florida Border Patrol. They don't have any identity such as passport. They crossed the border from Bahamas to Florida. They have been travelling from India - Jamaica - Equadaur - Bahamas - U.S. They are under the impression that someone (friends)could hire a lawyer and they will be released soon.
I would like to know from your experience as to what would be the outcome of such a situation. Is it really possible to get away with the law in absence of any identity?

Appreciate your time.

Depending on their background, they might be released on an Immigration Bond.  I usually set bonds in situations like the one you describe at $10,000 per person in addition to the requirement of a passport, or an official proof of identity. But this requirement may be different with office in florida.  They will still be required to attend a deportation hearing whether they are released on bond or held until they do.

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