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I'm a US citizen residing in California.
I intend to marry a woman from a foreign country (Russia) who has 2 minor children from a previous marriage. Currently she has a valid tourist visa and can enter the US.
It is my undrestanding that I have 3 options to bring her and her children to the US :
1.She enters the US on her tourist visa, we get married, she stays in the US and applies for the agjustment of status.
2.She enters the US on her tourist visa, we get married,she goes back to Russia and applies for immigrant status for her and her children there based on the fact of her marriage to a US citizen.
3. She enters the US on a fiancee visa and we get married

Which of the above is the fastest route?
In #3,can her children enter with her on a fiancee visa?


K-1 visa for her and K-2 visa for the kids.  Upon entry, you have 90 days to get married but the process of immigrating starts.  Under a B-2, she will need to adjust her status and won't be permitted to work.  In essence, use the visa that is designed for the circumstance...cuts down on the time dramatically.

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