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i was an immigrant from Ireland, i married an illegal immigrant on march 2001, but by then i already got my permanent green card, but my husband does not. And he got his 10 years green card because of the marriage on july, 2006. He left the house after he got the green card on march 1st, 2007. He also took the money in my bank account. From my opinion, the reason he married me, is because he wanted the green card. After he left, i called him, and he said "we are going to divorce, there is no way i will live with you anymore."  Now i am a US citizen, so i want to have my rights on this issue, therefore, i want to ask the experts is there any ways i can cancel his green card, in order to earn my rights, would you please give me the right answer. THANK YOU!!!

         Christina Skane

He did not get a 10 year permanent residency card in July 2006...what he did get was a 2 year Conditional Permanent Residency card.  You can withdraw your petition for him at your local CIS office.  Explain the circumstances.  If your husband did obtain the card through fraud, he can likewise be charged and serve time for marriage fraud, in addition to deportation.

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