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I just need honset answer for this question related to citizenship status, why some people they get stuck for years with backgroundcheck black hole?!!!! althrough they got perfect history and nothing wrong with them (by the way i'm one of them)PENDING FOR NO REASON!!. in the mean time some other people they go at the same time to get thier citzenship and they get it right away?!i gave up after contacting every one could u imagine..then i went to a lawyer to file for me then i was ask to go and have my fingerprint done which is what i did been over a month now and get nothing from ins and the deadline time for them to give me an aswer after 2weeks.  is anyone in here went through this? and what was the result..thanks,

First, you need to explain your situation.

What country are you from, when did you receive permanent residency, what was the basis for your permanent residency?  Did you file to removal conditional basis? did you leave the US for any length of time after receiving residency?  Answer these questions so I have a better idea how to address your question.

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