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Immigration Issues/Cancellation of I-130 with Spouse Pregnant


I've been married for a total of 3 years.  I met this woman while I was still married.  Fell madly in love with her. Found out that she was out of status, turned her in to the BCIS, divorced my wife, one week later married this woman, filed an I-130 visa, and have experienced nothing but sheer hell since the day I married her.  She's run off 6 times in 3 years the longest period was 4 months.  I've been alone for every holiday and birthday.  She's been pregnant twice before this one and aborted both previous ones.  Now she's pregnant again, but i do not believe that it is my child.  Nonetheless, she is now threatening to use this child as a black mail device to force me to support her after she leaves me again when the child is born. Did I mention that she threatens to leave the child with me?  I filed the I-130 on August 3, 2003, nothing has been approved yet, no interview, no I-485 was filed with this I-130.  After several hearings (Master) and arguments and fights, 2 resulting in me being arrested because she lied to the police and later refused to press charges.  I'm in desperate need of advice.  I want to send her back to her country but she refuses to leave my home, and is now pregnant.  I've been diagnosed with depression and was out of work for 4 months straight.  My question is:  How can I be assured that when I request to cancel her I-130 without her knowledge that I won't face all kinds of financial thievery from her and an onesided court of sympathy that will probably take her side.  She's a professional liar and black mail artist.  I need to know the quickest way to have her I-130 petetion stopped and her deported ASAP.....  

Since you did not file I-485 they will not schedule an interview. You can write a letter to the office where the I-130 was filed asking them to withdraw or revoke the I-130. I can not advise you on family court issues as I am an Immgration lawyer. Sounds like you need a family court lawyer to get you an order of protection.



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