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Hi again,

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my question.

I am not worried about proving the validity of our marriage.  We have a lease in both our names that was renewed this summer.  My name was not on it until this year.  We have medical insurance together as well as AAA and various shopping clubs ie: Sam's Club on the same membership.  We have LOTS of photos of us together over the past 4 years, some with his family and some with mine.

My main concern is the fact that I came here to visit and then decided to stay.  When we decided that we wanted to get married I called the USCIS and asked them what we could do and was told that it was legal if we got married and then filed the paperwork.  I do not have any names of people that actually told me that.  I will double check on that though because once I started getting different answers from different people I started writing that all down.  We did file all of the paperwork after we were married.  I now have a SS card and working permit.  I have not yet worked.

I was not sure when I came here that I was going to stay.  I still had my apartment and all of my utilities connected as well as my part time job.  I called everyone from here once the decision was pretty much made and my mom packed up all of my stuff and put it at a friend's place in storage.  It's all still there.

Do you think I have anything to worry about?  I am nervous because it depends on who covers our case.  If they are having a bad day I could have a lot of trouble.  Some of the officers can be nasty and others are wonderful.

HELP!!!  Thanks again!

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Question -
Hopefully you didn't receive this twice, I think I did something wrong the first time...sorry...


I am a Canadian, married to a US citizen.  I came here to visit and my (now)and I decided to get married and we did so before my 6 mths were up.  We've been together over 4 yrs.  I had no I-94 being Cdn I do not need one to visit.  We have our initial interview soon and I was wondering:

1)  Do you foresee any possible problems with my not knowing when I came that I was going to end up staying?

2)  What kind of questions we will be asked at our interview?

3)  Will I have a problem because I had no I-94?  If I'd known I was not going back to Canada I would have made sure that they stamped my passport when I came and probably had my husband file for a fiancee visa in the first place.

I could use an answer at your earliest convience.  Our interview is really close.  I just discovered this site.  It's great!

Answer -
Stick to the story that your intent to stay was made long after entry. They will go over the information on the forms you submitted and ask you qwestions about your relationship. You should know everything about your husband and his family and he should know everything about you and your family. Provide a lot of evidence of joint bills, accounts and photos. You need to file or update the fianancial info for your husband. Since you are Canadian they should not have an issue about not having an I-94.



You are overreacting - the worse that could happen is they could accusre you of visa fraud and you would be eligible for a waiver anyway since you are married to a U.S. citizen. 99% of the people I have represented that have overstayed and gotten married did not have to file a waiver.



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