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I am working in the US on L1 visa which has expired and i have the extension papers .I will be getting married on November and hence will be going to India for the same and i had asked my company to book appointments for my L1 visa extension and L2 appointments for my wife on the same day.My company had booked the date i had asked for but for B1 visas ! There had been a mistake. My question is will I be able to use the same date and time and appear for L1 and L2 or should I be applying again !? The problem now is the visa appointment dates are not available for the date i need.What should i do ?


Not sure I understand or what "booked" means.   A B2 is a visitor visa which your company has no authority to petition anyone for...that is a personal, non-immigrant visitor visa good for a max of 6 months visit.  Once you and your fiance are married, they can introduce a new petition for you and your spouse.

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