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Immigration Issues/Change of Visa from F2 to H1B


I am on F1 visa in US my wife(on F2 visa valid for 5 years) has been offered a post doctoral position in the University.The University is ready to process H1B visa for my wife.
My wife only stayed in US for 10 days.She is right now in India.
Q1.Is it advisable to get the visa from embassy in India or get the status changed in US.
Q2.Can the counselor review the documents and forms(DS156 etc.) submitted during F2 visa approval .
Q3.If in an eventuality the H1B visa is refused, will the F2 visa be still valid.
Q4.If the visa is refused in India, can she apply in US for status change.  

The H-1 visa cap has been reached - There are no H-1s available until 10/04.

It is easier to come here on the F-2 and after 4/1/04 apply for H-1 status for work to begin on 10/1/04.

The Embassy is not easy in India, They can investigate everything and they can not only deny H-1 but cancel F-2.


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