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Immigration Issues/Change of status from M-1 to H-1B


Hello and thank you for so quick answer.
I wanted to ask you another question since I was so suprised with your response.
Ok my question is iif our child becomes American citizen then do we need to get her a passport here in the US before we go home after we have finished our studies?
Another thing what happen with us as parents, I mean can we take her back here any time or can only she come here without us. Are we allowed to stay here with her? We do intend to stay we are going to continue with our plans and go back to Norway. But I would really like to know what happens to us if she should want to come here at a later time and have other people who have had children here stayed in the US. Are parents allowed to stay here in the US to raise there US born child? I just wanted to ask this if you know the anything about this.
Thank you again very much.


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Question -
Hello my name is Thorunn and both me and my husband are students here in the US.
I am here on an F-1 visa but my husband is here on an M-1 visa becouse his study is vocational.
My question is he will graduate in Feb of 2007 and will want to find work becouse I still have 2 years to go after he graduates. Can he apply to change status from M-1 to H-1B work visa or is it better for him to first apply for an F-2 visa? He has already had two workoffers when he gets out of school so these are things that we sre wondering about also I have become pregnant and I was wondering what my obligations are regarding the child when it is born since I have never had a child outside my homecountry.
What rights will the child have if any, is there anything we need to do in regards of the baby when it is born?
Thank you very much and sorry for such a long questionlist....

Regards Thournn

Answer -
The baby will be a U.S. citizen, but can not help you get green cards until they are 21!! You husband should change to F-2 first because he can not apply for H-1 until 4.1.07 for work to begin in 10/1/07.



You should get the child a U.S. passport before you go back and then they can come here whenever they want. You can only come here legally with a visa. The other option is to overstay your time and wait for her to sponosr you in 21 years!!!



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