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Immigration Issues/Me-US Citizen / Wife-Illegally in US from Mexico


I am a Naturalized US Citizen. My wife came to the US when she was 17 y/o (from Mexico), she came here without inspection, therefore, she's in the country illegally.  We were married 3 years ago and have two children. We are very anxious because of all the recent ICE raids.  We would like to know if there's any hope for us.  Our youngest child (6 months old) (our other daughter is 2 years old) has a superficial birth defect called a fistula on his throat. He is under the care of an Ear/Nose/Throat Doctor and has been scheduled for surgery. I would like to know if there's any hope for us for me to be able to submit a petition for my wife.

Also, When she was 17 y/o she attempted to cross the border without inspection but was caught, index fingerprinted and had to give her name. She was actually attempting to cross to find her father who she had not seen in years.  She reattempted to cross the next day...

Now she's been here and has not had any dealings w/ Immigration...

Filing the I-130 petition has always been available to you. The problem is she can not process the interview here and if she goes home she will have to get a waiver of the 10 year bar and possibly a awiver for being deported before she can come back.



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