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Immigration Issues/US Citizen marrying UK Citizen


My boyfriend (UK Citizen) and I (US Citizen) are trying to figure this out.

Our initial plan was for him to come to the states on a Visa Waver for the month of January and return to England to save up money for us. Then I would go to England for a week in March. I would then MOVE to England in May.

Now that he's here, we realize that we don't want to be apart for that time. Is there any way for him to stay and work here in the states to save money for us to return to England in May?

If we got married now, would he be able to stay and work? We don't plan on living here in the states in the long run.  

Comning on visa waiver makes it hard. You have to go back in 90 days or marry a citizen and file papers to get a green card. That is the only way to get him a work card, but it does not make sense to spend $765 in filing fees if you guys are not going to stay. On the visa waiver he can stay for 90 days but not work legally. He can then go bak right before the 90 days (April?) and then you can join him there and May.



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