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I received my 4 years IRS Transcript Tax Return yesterday.  Should I send them all with my U.S. Citizenship application even though the INS only required 3 years on the document check list?


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Question -
Is there any problem for applicant (wife) if the husband (sponsor) who did not have the IRS Transcript Tax Return in the past 3 years?
However, the applicant (wife) has her last 9 years IRS transcript tax return. Her last 3 years IRS Tax return transcript was filed married but filling separately.
Can the applicant still eligible to apply the Naturalization without her husband's IRS Transcript tax returns?

Please give us a dvice what to do in our U.S. Citizenship application.

Answer -
Citizenship is an individual applicatioin and does not rely on the actions of spouses or others. She will be asked for her last 3 or 5 years taxes regardless of whether she filed with her husband and regardless of whether he filed at all.



You do not need to send any tax transcripts with the application. They can be brought to the interview. You need 3 years if you have been married to and living with a citizen for the past 3 years. Otherwise, you need 5 years. If you only need 3 you can give them 4 anyway. But if you need 5 you need to get othe other year.



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